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WHEN: September 26-27, 2015
WHERE: Dublin, Ohio
FEES: U08-U10 6v6 ($425) U10-U12 8v8 ($450) U12-U14/15 11v11 ($475)
Application deadline was: Wednesday, Sep 2, 2015
PAY TO: Dublin United Soccer Club; 6475 Perimeter Drive #118, Dublin, OH 43016
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Final e-Mail with the Annual Survey and a Chance to Win a Tablet
September 29, 2015
First of all, I would like to thank all 185 teams for making the Fall 2015 Dublin United Champions Cup the biggest tournament we have ever hosted!

Secondly, I would like to thank the referees; The Stephens Family for running the concessions; Natalie Stellini for coordinating all of the field marshals, tent personnel and miscellaneous tasks related to the tournament; the tournament staff including field marshals; John Muir and the DSL for field preparation; Matt Earman, Kelly Rigano, the Darree Fields team and the City of Dublin for making the fields available; Ohio South for sanctioning the event; and USClub soccer for co-sponsoring the event.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable experience this past weekend! We had some great soccer weather along with some really exciting soccer! I our believe that the website SHOULD be accurate now (the site did not have the ability to handle the aggregate scoring function. Thanks to G at Tourney Central, he quickly created a solution to the issue).

Now, it is time for us to ask you for your opinions on how things went. We cannot improve unless we know what we need to do better. Please complete this survey for us:

All of those completing the survey will be entered into a drawing for a 7" Tablet.

Finally, for those who had trophy issues, please send an e-mail to DUSCChampionsCup@gmail.com with the following information:
1. SUBJECT LINE: DUCC Trophy Issue
2. Your team Name
3. Division Involved
4. What is missing (Trophy/Plate, etc.)
5. A good mailing address

Thanks, again for making our tournament your destination in 2015! We hope you plan to make it your destination in 2016 -- it will be the same weekend next year (September 24th/25th). WE WILL BE DOING AN ALL e-CHECK-IN PROCESS NEXT YEAR THUS ELIMINATING THE NIGHT BEFORE CHECK-IN PROCEDURES!


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September 26, 2015
Two important reminders:
1. Scores are reported on the website and in the tent using a maximum FOUR GOAL DIFFERENTIAL. This is the "Official Score" for ALL tie-breakers.
* A 4-1 score is recorded as 4-1
* A 7-1 score is officially recorded as 5-1
* A 10-4 score is recorded as 8-4
* In other words, the actual score is the "Official Score" unless the differential is greater than four goals in which case the score is the winning team score is the non-winning score plus four goals.
2. In ALL CASES in which a "Championship Game" is a rematch of a game already played in this tournament, we will use aggregate scoring for the TWO GAMES to determine the winner (NOTE: NONE OF THIS SECTION APPLIES FOR "Championship Games NOT INVOLVING A REMATCH!)
* If team A1 beats team B3 4-2 in a preliminary game and Team B3 beats team A1 2-1 in the "Championship Game", Team A1 is the CHAMPION by virtue of having a 5-4 overall aggregate advantage.
* In the case of an aggregate situation, if a game is tied, but the aggregate score is not, the game will NOT go into extra time as two full games have been played AND we have a CHAMPION.
* In the case of an aggregate situation, even if the "Championship Game" is NOT TIED, if the AGGREGATE SCORE IS, Extra time procedures (No Golden Goal) will apply.

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Concession and Tournament T-Shirts
September 26, 2015
Full concessions are available in the concession stand which is in the big white building adjacent to Fields 6 and 8.
* Shredded Chicken, Hot Dogs, and Sloppy Joe's
* Coffee, Gatorade, Pop and Water
* Candy, etc.
In addition, there are small concession areas off near fields 12 and 14 AND near the restrooms by Fields 2 and 3
* Gatorade, Pop, and Water
* Candy, etc.
ALL Tournament T-Shirts and all kinds of cool custom stuff can be found at the big white trailer just behind the main concession stand.

FINALLY, if you are dining (or looking for pizza), Uno's Pizza ( 5930 Britton Pkwy, Dublin, OH 43016) or call (614) 793-8300 AND MENTION Dublin United Champions Cup!

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Several Important Items for Tomorrow
September 26, 2015
Coaches and Admins,
We have reached the halfway point of the tournament. I would like to communicate several items to all of you including:
1. A large number of teams have not picked up their bag tags, yet. Please feel free to stop by the tournament tent (under the electric lines).
2. IF YOU SEE AN ERROR IN A SCORE (REMEMBER: four goal is the maximum score reported as the "official score"), PLEASE text me (614-402-9916) to describe the issue.
3. FIRST and SECOND place teams in each division receive individual awards.
4. The awards will be presented near the tournament tent.
5. IN THE EVENT OF RAIN, WE MAY BE FORCED TO LIMIT PARKING IN AREAS THAT GET MUDDY. We are not trying to be nasty, but the City of Dublin gets very upset (and charges us for) for damage to the turf. Please be respectful of our signs, IF WE GET RAIN!
6. Concessions will be available in three locations as they were today.
7. Official Tournament apparel will be available near the tournament tent on Sunday.

Good luck tomorrow!

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Check-In Process Updated and Posted
September 22, 2015
Coaches and Admins,
At the request of several of you, I am rebroadcasting and posting the check-in process for the DUCC this weekend.

Here is the required documentation:
1. Approved Roster
2. Completed Medical/Liability Form
3. Guest Player Form (if using guest players -- REMEMBER: USClub Registered Teams CANNOT use USYSA registered players' passes and vice versa!)
4. Permission to Travel (ONLY for non-Ohio South USYSA-registered teams)
5. Player and Coach Passes
6. OUT OF STATE TEAMS ONLY must provide proof of completion of the NFHSLearn Concussion Awareness Course for all coaches and BENCH PERSONNEL (admins. included!)

How do teams check-in?
Out of town teams may use e-Check-in by scanning and e-mailing copies of ALL of the above information to DUCC.checkinforms@gmail.com
SUBJECT LINE: TEAM NAME, TEAM GENDER and TEAM AGE (Change to your information :-)

All local teams (30 minute drive or less) are to check in the "old fashioned way" for the last time by stopping by:
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
5475 Brand Road
Dublin, OH 43017

on FRIDAY, September 25th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM.

If you have questions concerning check-in, please e-mail: DUCC.checkinforms@gmail.com
SUBJECT LINE: Check-in Question(s) (Use this exact text)

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

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Master Schedule Now Published Online
September 20, 2015
The schedule has been made available on the site! NOTE: With very, very few exceptions, the schedule is the SAME as the schedule distributed earlier this week. Please verify that your team is playing the following:
4-Team Division: Three games with a championship (aggregate scoring will be used for the final and the previous match-up)
5-Team Division: Four games schedule with tie-breakers determining champion
6-Team Division: Three games with a championship (aggregate scoring will be used for the final IF the teams met in their crossover game)
8-Team Division: Three games with a champions game

Other than one or two changes at coaches requests for timing, these schedules should be the same as the one distributed last week. If you notice a perceived error, please e-mail DUSCChampionsCup@gmail.com. I will be re-broadcasting the registration process as well under a different e-mail.

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